We are certain that the world will be a better place when women occupy more positions of leadership. We are passionate about accelerating gender equality and closing the gender gap by breaking down barriers to women realising their full potential.

Our goal?

To create a truly level playing field for women in business, where it is a reality that they receive equal opportunity, advancement, support and conditions, and where invisible barriers are continually uncovered and removed.

Our dream?

A world where women have equal opportunities to participate in business, economic and political decision making and are not disadvantaged because of their gender. A world that realises the tangible benefits of gender diversity. Our dream is to achieve this ‘new world’ significantly quicker than the projected century (or two).

Our values

Evidence-based – our work is grounded in an understanding of what really works, not in fads
Partnership – we work with our clients and each other, as partners, to get results
Exceeding expectations – we strive to consistently provide an exceptional client experience
Flexibility – we adapt and flex to our clients’ needs
Fun! – because life is too short to not enjoy what you do

Who we are

We are a diverse and experienced team of equity, diversity and inclusion consultants, psychologists and coaches, many with backgrounds in senior leadership.

Sharon Peake (she/her)

Sharon Peake (she/her) Founder & CEO

Dr Samineh Shaheem (she/her)

Dr Samineh Shaheem (she/her) Managing Consultant - Leadership & Development Programmes

Dr Priscila Pereira (she/her)

Dr Priscila Pereira (she/her) Director of Research & Innovation

Sarah Bonner (she/her)

Sarah Bonner (she/her) Facilitator and Coach

Caroline Pankhurst (she/her)

Caroline Pankhurst (she/her) Coach & Consultant, Women’s Development Programmes

Rachel Schofield (she/her)

Rachel Schofield (she/her) Senior Facilitator

Julia Montague (she/her)

Julia Montague (she/her) Senior Facilitator

Shazma Ahmed (she/her)

Shazma Ahmed (she/her) Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant

Ailish Breen (they/them)

Ailish Breen (they/them) Coach and Facilitator

Jessica Dowding (she/her)

Jessica Dowding (she/her) Facilitator and Coach

Lesley Parrott (she/her)

Lesley Parrott (she/her) Business Manager

Clare Harris (she/her)

Clare Harris (she/her) Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

Dr Matt Jacobs (he/him)

Dr Matt Jacobs (he/him) Coach and Facilitator

Dr Vida Škreb (she/her)

Dr Vida Škreb (she/her) Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

Sara Bell (she/her)

Sara Bell (she/her) Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

Shalini Sequeira (she/her)

Shalini Sequeira (she/her) Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

John Cremer (he/him)

John Cremer (he/him) Improvisation Actor and Facilitator

Professor Rebecca Jones (she/her)

Professor Rebecca Jones (she/her) Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Researcher and Coach

Dr Anna Klenert (she/her)

Dr Anna Klenert (she/her) Coach

Clare Withycombe (she/her)

Clare Withycombe (she/her) Coach

Emma West (she/her)

Emma West (she/her) Coach

Nadia Nagamootoo (she/her)

Nadia Nagamootoo (she/her) Facilitator and Coach

Kadisha Lewis-Roberts (she/her)

Kadisha Lewis-Roberts (she/her) Facilitator

Louisa Elder (she/her)

Louisa Elder (she/her) Coach and Facilitator

Rich Littledale (he/him)

Rich Littledale (he/him) Facilitator and Coach

Dr Elicia Robinson-Tomek (she/her)

Dr Elicia Robinson-Tomek (she/her) Coach

Sharon Peake (she/her) Founder & CEO


  • Chartered Occupational Psychologist
  • MSc Occupational and Organisational Psychology
  • Graduate Diploma in Business and Personal Coaching
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Accredited BPS psychometric test user (previously known as Level A/B certification): Hogan Personality Inventory, MVPI, OPQ, CPI, MBTI and many more

Sharon is an experienced diversity and talent management leader with over 20 years’ experience in global businesses, leading teams of 100+ employees. She is also a registered psychologist and certified coach. Prior to founding Shape Talent in 2017, she held senior leadership roles in two FTSE20 business.

Born in Australia, Sharon has lived and worked in Australia and the UK, and her roles have given her experience working across 6 continents, delivering work in locations as diverse as Colombia, Romania, India, Uganda, New York, and Hong Kong. Her clients come from sectors as diverse as telecoms, consumer goods, manufacturing, publishing, medical devices, and financial services.

Sharon’s research has identified the most significant barriers to women’s career progression and this, combined with her significant corporate experience, has informed the development of the methodology underpinning Shape Talent’s evidence-based solutions: the Three Barriers model™.

Sharon regularly speaks at events, conferences and on panels, has published her research on career transition, and her opinion has been cited in Forbes.com, Psychologies magazine, Business Leader, Business Reporter and Virgin.com.

Her favourite moment on a client engagement is hearing the client’s success stories – whether that be a shift in the system at an organisational level or seeing a women’s development programme participant achieve her desired (and deserved) promotion.

Sharon’s out-of-work interests include having everyday laughs with her young family, scuba diving, big cats and wildlife conservation. She is a Board Member of Born Free, a leading wildlife charity.

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Sharon Peake (she/her)

Advisory Board

Robert Baker

Robert Baker
Advisory Board Member
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Julia Elliott Brown

Julia Elliott Brown
Advisory Board Member
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Jill Foley

Jill Foley
Chair of Advisory Board
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What we do

Placing a high value on developing collaborative, impactful programmes, we partner with businesses who are serious about gender equality. We help organisations make a difference – for their own business and, in turn, the broader community they influence.

If it doesn’t accelerate gender equality, we don’t do it. Our business is built around solving inequality and our work, in partnership with our clients, will impact lives for generations to come. We are optimistic about what we can collectively do to close the gender gap more quickly than the World Economic Forum predicts.

How we do it

As a team, we set high standards for ourselves and you will find us to be professional, flexible, capable partners. Our extensive experience in senior leadership positions means we relate well to leaders and are skilled at engaging, securing buy-in, cultivating thriving relationships and delivering programmes with the participation of a whole leadership team. We communicate with clarity, honesty and we don’t shy away from tough conversations.

We are committed to the ongoing success of our work and the leaders we work with, so as we deliver our engagements, we ensure the supporting mechanisms are in place to sustain the change, including equipping our clients with the skills to continue to drive change in-house.

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Learn more about how we are accelerating gender equality in business and beyond.



Our expertise is focused on gender equity, diversity and inclusion. While some of our solutions are relevant to different areas of D&I, we make it easy for our clients by partnering with other leading providers to deliver complete solutions to meet their diversity and inclusion priorities. These partners include:

Avenir are leading experts in diversity, equity and inclusion, delivering cutting edge inclusion programmes which achieve powerful cultural transformation. They support organisations across the breadth of D&I focus areas, and bring a psychology-informed approach to facilitating change.