We dismantle the barriers to gender inclusivity and accelerate equality in your organisation

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As experts in the design and delivery of results-driven gender equity programmes, Shape Talent brings together evidence-based methodologies with our extensive experience delivering change for complex organisations. We bring passion, professionalism and expertise to provide tailored solutions that meet the unique challenges of each organisation.

Three Barriers

Our research shows that barriers to progression exist for women at three levels: societal, organisational and personal. We know that meaningful change happens when solutions target all three – all too often we see interventions which focus on ‘fixing women’ but ignore the broader ecosystem within which these barriers exist.

Societal barriers, those unspoken messages we all receive over our lifetimes which reinforce the ways in which men and women ‘should’ behave, significantly hinder women’s career development; we work with your team in key areas such as de-biasing your recruitment system and creating a culture of visible and vocal senior leadership.

We also address organisational barriers – such as lack of access to sponsorship and networks – through culture change programmes and solutions which link inclusion activity to business strategy. When combined with our Breaking Barriers Development and Coaching programmes which help women overcome many of the personal hurdles, our Three Barriers approach effectively drives the systemic change needed for deep rooted transformation.

With our Three Barriers Diagnostic tool, we help organisations get a clear picture of the barriers that are most at play in your business, providing valuable insight on where to most effectively focus investment and resources.

The Three Barriers to Women’s Progression:

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To download a PDF of the Three Barriers infographic, click here

EDI Change Programmes

Meaningful change cannot be managed and sustained with a series of well-intended interventions, ad hoc training courses and ‘best efforts’ from disparate areas of the organisation. Transformation – and the resulting acceleration of gender equality – comes with programme design that meets the unique challenges and cultural profile of each organisation.

Shape Talent’s equity, diversity and inclusion change programmes are designed by occupational psychologists, EDI specialists and senior talent leaders and informed by evidence-based methodologies. We integrate the latest research with successful approaches to deliver an effective programme of change that addresses the Three Barriers to Gender Equality uncovered in our research.

We know that real transformation requires change at both a behavioural and a structural level. It is vital to model and reinforce inclusive behaviours that are critical to building fair and equitable workplaces, but equally important is ensuring that the processes, structures and systems also support and reinforce the change goals. Our model therefore addresses both behavioural and systemic change through two important phases of work:

• Creating a climate for change
• Enabling the change


Six Step Model

Based on our experience delivering impactful EDI initiatives that address the barriers to gender equality, we have developed the Shape Talent Six Step Model to enable gender inclusive organisations.

climate climate

Ensure strategic alignment
We work with you to define your gender equity, diversity and inclusion ambitions, ensure alignment with strategy and engage the top team.


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