Webinar: The Three Barriers experienced by 2,350 women in the UK

Wednesday, 23 November 2022
09:00 – 10:00 GMT
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Women of this generation will not see workplace gender equality in their lifetime. A staggering statistic, highlighting the massive and very real challenges that impact women as they navigate their careers. Corporate cultural norms and structural barriers are preventing women from advancing in their careers at the same pace as men.

Gender equality has been on the agenda for some time now, but real progress is slow. So the question is, how can organisations make meaningful inroads on this issue? We explored this question in our latest research to better identify the root causes of women’s inequality at work.

2022 research study findings

Building on our existing body of research, Shape Talent surveyed 2,352 women in the UK across a diverse range of backgrounds, ethnicities, industries and demographic attributes to get a picture of the barriers they experience in their careers.

Join us as we launch our findings and key insights at this webinar. We’ll explore the results across a range of demographics including ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, family status and also look at how perimenopause and menopause impact women’s careers. We’ll also examine the unique challenges in a range of industries.

Be among the first to gain in-depth access to our key insights, which include:

  1. Double burden: workplace cultures contribute to an impossible double burden for women
  2. Double bind: to avoid being penalised women must operate within a narrow range of acceptable behaviours
  3. Discrimination: everyday gender biases and sexism continue
  4. Lack of Development: women aren’t getting adequate career support and sponsorship

What we will cover and who should attend

In this webinar, we will take a look at the three factors that can positively nurture women’s ambition along with key recommendations for organisations to address the challenges that contribute to women’s inequality.

The webinar is designed for C-Suite leaders, HR leaders, Chief Talent Officers and Chief Diversity Officers interested in driving greater gender equality.


The webinar will be hosted by contributing authors to Shape Talent’s 2022 Three Barriers to Women’s Progression research:

Sharon Peake – Founder & CEO, Shape Talent 

Dr Priscila Pereira Law – Director of Research & Innovation, Shape Talent 

Ester Marchetti – Co-Founder, Bolt Insight

Emma Birchall – Global Head D&I, Ericsson

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