Webinar: The case for investing in women

A conversation between Sharon Peake and Tabitha Morton, Executive Director UN Women UK.

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What is covered 

The UN theme for this year’s IWD Invest in women: accelerate progress brings up some important questions. Hear from us about the argument for and against investing in women, specifically addressing:

  • Why we’re using the UN IWD theme (Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress) rather than the commercial IWD theme (Inspire Inclusion), and how the two themes came about 
  • Why are we still talking about investing in women in the UK and Europe in 2024? 
  • Why investing in women is crucial for business 
  • Does investing in women discriminate against men? 
  • The ripple effect of investing in women 
  • 7 things organisations can do to invest in women (in business and beyond) 

Join us for this important conversation and find out how your organisation can be doing more to invest in women.


Tabitha Morton

Tabitha is Executive Director of UN Women UK, whose mission is to ensure every woman and girl has access to safety, choice and a voice. UN Women is the only global organisation working to make gender equality a reality in every way: from grassroots programmes with the most vulnerable women and girls, to changing attitudes, and helping governments design gender-equal policy.

Sharon Peake

Sharon Peake is the founder and CEO of Shape Talent Ltd, the diversity, equity and inclusion experts for complex multinational organisations who are serious about gender equality – and what it can achieve for their business.

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