Webinar: Flexible work as a policy to promote gender equity

Tuesday 2nd July 2024, 11:00-12:00 GMT

A conversation between Sharon Peake and Professor Heejung Chung, King’s College London King’s Business School and the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership

Special guest: Steve Collinson, CHRO at Zurich UK will be sharing the company’s journey in pioneering the flexible work revolution.


With a current trend toward return-to-office policies, flexible work is in the spotlight with many organisations grappling with important decisions on how they manage their remote and flexible work policies. Increasingly, requests for flexible work are being declined by employers, unravelling some of the important progress made during the pandemic in providing flexibility to to all, not only women.

In a new research paper, written in collaboration with Professor HKing’s College London King’s Business School and the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership – we have explored the impact of one of the most popular flexible modalities since the pandemic, remote work.

In this webinar we will be sharing this latest research, examining the impact of flexibility on women’s career progression and gender equity in general. We will share the evidence for remote work policies and address some of the key concerns and myths relating to it. We’ll also be joined by Zurich CHRO, Steve Collinson, with his insights on the company’s successful family-friendly policy and the lessons learned over the past five years since its introduction.

Join us to find out:

  • The latest research – Flexible working: A deep dive into the impact of remote working on gender equity
  • Flexible work in practice, the Zurich approach
  • The impact of Zurich’s family-friendly policy shift, 5 years on
  • How the proximity/face-time bias can contribute to gender inequity and the gender pay gap
  • Discrimination and remote work – what organisations must know
  • Productivity, commitment and remote working – what the research says
  • What to do to ensure that remote working achieves performance outcomes and gender equity

The white paper provides detailed recommendations on how organisations can effectively manage flexible work policies with focus on remote work while addressing the personal, organisational, and societal barriers that can limit women’s career progression.


Sharon Peake (She/her)

Sharon Peake is the founder and CEO of Shape Talent Ltd, the diversity, equity and inclusion experts for complex multinational organisations who are serious about gender equality – and what it can achieve for their business.

Professor Heejung Chung (She/her)

Professor Chung is a labour market and welfare state researcher and Professor of Work and Employment, at King’s College London King’s Business School and the author of the book The Flexibility Paradox: why flexible working leads to (self-) exploitation, (Policy Press). 

Steve Collinson (He/him)

Steve Collinson is the Chief HR Officer at Zurich UK. Steve and his team are at the heart of major advancements in employee engagement, benefits and wellbeing and are focused on diversity, inclusivity and building sustainable careers for Zurich’s talented workforce.