White Papers / 23 Nov 2022 2 min

The three barriers preventing women from progressing in corporate UK today

A report on the obstacles, double burden and restrictive rule book preventing gender equality -and what organisations can do about them.

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Women of this generation will not see workplace gender equality in their lifetime. A staggering statistic, highlighting the massive and very real challenges that impact women as they navigate their careers. Corporate cultural norms and structural barriers are preventing women from advancing in their careers at the same pace as men.
Gender equality has been on the agenda for some time now, but real progress is slow. So the question is, how can organisations make meaningful inroads on this issue? We explored this question in our latest research to better identify the root causes of women’s inequality at work.

About the study

Shape Talent commissioned Bolt Insight to conduct research into the barriers women in the UK are experiencing in the workplace. The survey, which is aligned to Shape Talent’s existing research on the Three Barriers to Women’s Progression, was conducted via Bolt Real –Audience © system, between 8th and 25th August 2022.

A total of 2,352 UK-based women completed the survey. We targeted a range of demographic and intersectional attributes, including ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, family status, and experience of menopause symptoms. We further analysed job level and working patterns. In addition, we targeted seven industries:

Consumer, energy and infrastructure, financial services, professional services, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and technology and telecommunications.

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