Get to know Dr. Samineh Shaheem – Managing Consultant, Leadership & Development Programmes

Dr Samineh Shaheem is a Professor of Psychology and Leadership, a Neuroleadership Coach and a former Dean and Executive Director of a global business school. Her research interests are in the area of identity transformation, sojourn cultural transition (such as expatriates and global leaders), their acculturation process and repatriation concerns. For more than 20 years, Learning and Development has been the main focus of Dr Shaheem’s career, in a deep and deliberate manner, through the application of psychological and educational principles and practices. She believes, ‘Learning more, results in living more.’ Every project holds importance and an opportunity to grow and advance including one that had a significant positive impact on the community; Dr Shaheem’s Bolt Down on Bullying campaign started in 2010 in the UAE where she set out to confront and prevent bullying in schools, homes and workplaces.  

Dr Shaheem is an author and keynote speaker with a successful track record in the design, development and delivery of culturally relevant, innovative courses and business/ leadership skill building programs, especially for women. For the last two decades, she has worked across numerous industries and countries, including the US, Canada, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates and the UK. On International Women’s Day in 2018, Dr Shaheem was recognized by the Mayor of London for her extraordinary contribution to the UK.  

Her favourite moment on client engagement is when the right question is asked, eliciting a great response and solution from the client. This moment of enablement and inspiration is everything.  

Her out of work interests include learning, travelling, movies and spending quality time with family members.