What’s the score with gender equity in your organisation?

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Gender Equity Scorecard

Is gender equity an imperative in your organisation?

How well is your gender equity strategy performing?

We invite you to use our Gender Equity Scorecard to get an overview of your organisation’s performance against our Acceleration Model.

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How it works

Answer 27 questions in less than 10 mins to receive a personalised report showing you how you can improve gender equity in your organisation

If your organisation has multiple policies and approaches, you’ll need to answer the questions based on the predominant practice.


You’ll be scored across our Acceleration Model


Diagnosing the barriers experienced by women in the workplace.

Strategic Alignment

Ensuring strategic alignment with the business goals and governance.


Debiasing systems and practices within the employment cycle.


Engaging all genders across the organisation and building inclusive leadership capability.


Accelerating women’s development to enable a level playing field.

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