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Women face organisational, societal and personal barriers in the workplace. These challenges manifest in competing pressures between home and work. Almost half of working mothers feel that they have sacrificed their career for the sake of their family.

But it’s not only mothers who face competing pressures. Contemporary fathers and other parents do too.

Almost three quarters of families in the UK have both parents in employment, and despite changes in society, the majority of opposite-sex partnerships still have the father working full-time and the mother working part-time.

Households that have single parents, same-sex parents and other family models face different challenges. But across the board, parents, and especially women, face penalties in their careers for attempting to balance work and family.

Fathers who work outside of gender norms, for example working part-time or flexibly, also experience significant bias in what has been termed the ‘fatherhood forfeit’, with negative impacts on pay and promotion opportunities.

It is crucial that organisations meet the needs of modern families and through policies, practices and cultures help enable a fairer balance between the genders, in order to maximise the potential and engagement of their talent.

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Shape Talent has partnered with parents@work to help companies build workplaces where employees feel supported, empowered, included and valued, increasing employee engagement, performance and retention.

We design sustainable, bespoke programmes for companies and the parents who work for them. Our approach and supporting tools enable parents to assess where they are today (juggling work and family responsibilities), and envision where they want to be in the future.

We then enable parents to attain their vision through our structured programme which includes the transfer of coaching skills to your employees, supporting tools and interventions.


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